10 Thursday AM Reads

By the time you real this, I’ll be on my way to Pennsylvania for a special project (more on this later) but in the meantime, enjoy our morning train reads:

• The Lone Analyst Who Said Sell Valeant When Hedge Funds Piled In (Bloomberg)
• The Great Investment Advice Hidden in Warren Buffett’s Annual Letter (Fortune)
• Why America abandoned nuclear power (and what we can learn from South Korea) (Vox)
• Former hedge fund manager Phil Falcone spoke in public for the first time in years, and slammed the industry (Business Insider)
• Swedroe: EM Looks Terrible—Time To Buy (ETF)
• The U.S. Could Use a New Economic Strategy (Bloomberg View)
• How Marissa Mayer Keeps Talent: Meet Yahoo’s $18 Million CRO (Re/code)
• Does a Carbon Tax Work? Ask British Columbia (NYT)
• The eerie math that could predict terrorist attacks (Wonkblog)
• Twin black holes from gravitational wave discovery may have been born from a single star (ExtremeTech) see also Are Supermassive Black Holes Hiding Matter? (Universe Today)

What are you reading?


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