Are John Barron & Donald Trump Socialists?

@TBPInvictus here.

I confess that I am utterly fascinated by the recent WaPo audio release of Donald Trump masquerading as his own PR rep – “John Miller” – in a 14+ minute interview with a reporter. I’m beyond intrigued by the psychopathy that must be at play for someone to act in such a way. And, apparently, it was a fairly common practice for him – an open secret among the media – in the 80’s and early 90’s. I highly recommend listening to the audio and reading the accompanying story (and updates to it).

Searching for various instances of his transformation into either John Barron/Baron, I came across the fascinating piece below at the New York Times. It’s fascinating on two levels:

  1. The whole alias thing is, in a word, bizarre.
  2. It would appear that Barron/Trump is angling toward socialism as a solution for his Flutie problem:

”When a guy goes out and spends more money than a player is worth, he expects to get partial reimbursement from the other owners,” Barron said of Trump’s signing of Flutie.

So there’s Trump, in his Barron persona, explaining that other owners should partially reimburse him for signing Flutie because he (Trump) overpaid for him. Next time you overpay for something, give the Barron/Trump solution a try – demand that others partially reimburse you. See how that works out for you.

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