10 Thursday AM Reads

Rally looks like it may hit a wall today; power through with our artisanal morning train reads:

• REIT Surprise: Real-estate investment trusts are the best-performing asset class in the market in the past 15 years, crushing stock pickers (WSJ)
• Consultant: Hedge Funds ‘Integral’ to Corporate Pensions (Chief Investment Officer) see also Institutional Investors are Delusional (Meb Faber)
• Tax Data Shows Job Market Is Getting Better, Not Worse (IBD)
• Mount Investmore, Part I (bps and pieces)
• Calculator Shows Effect of Stock Valuation in Predicting Stock Returns (Passion Saving) see also Shiller Showed That Valuations Matter, the Return Predictor Shows How Much They Matter (ValueWalk)

What are you reading?

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