10 Wednesday AM Reads

My pre-flight, hotel reads:

• The Most Powerful Man in Banking: Fed governor Tarullo (WSJ)
• Billion-Dollar Club Grows by 98 in 2015, Controls 88% of Industry AUM (FINalternatives)
•Who Gets Venture Capital Funding? (Bloomberg)
• Why Employers Have Lost the Upper Hand (Strategy+Business)
• Trillions in Debt—but for Now, No Reason to Worry (WSJ)
• A Worrisome Pileup of $100 Million Homes (NYT)
• The incredible miracle in poor country development (Noahpinion)
• Can the worldwide boom in digital fact-checking make the leap to TV? (Poynter)
• Donald Trump is the ultimate tail-risk candidate, but voters aren’t focusing enough on how risky he is (Business Insider) see also Shady accounting underpins Trump’s wealth: The GOP nominee is rich. But how rich depends on odd accounting and subjective criteria. (Politico)
• We’re in Year Five of California’s Drought (Slate)

What are you reading?


Another Trillion Dollars for Private Equity
Another Trillion Dollars for Private Equity
Source: Chief Investment Officer


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