10 Wednesday AM Reads

I’m off to the deep woods of Maine. Before I head out, a few morning train plane reads:

• The Worst ETFs You Can Own (A Wealth of Common Sensesee also The Case Against Annuities (Barron’s)
• The big puzzle in economics today: why is the economy growing so slowly? (Vox)
• Gates: America’s Best Days Are Not Behind Us (GatesNotes)
• College Endowments Seen Posting Worst Returns Since 2009 (Bloomberg)
• Microsoft has become richer through its culture shift (FT)
• Summer of Podcasts! (Reformed Broker)
• The Silicon Valley of Space Start-Ups? It Could be Seattle. (NYT)
• Why is AARP cozying up to the right-wing group ALEC while big corporations flee? (LA Times)
• “No.” (Dave Pell)
• The Executive Mr. Trump: The surprising truth about Trump as a boss—from the people he’s hired, fired and micromanaged. (Politico)

What are you reading?


Where Americans are spending the money they’ve saved on cheap gas
savingsSource: Business Insider



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