10 Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning reads:

• Affluenza Anonymous: Rehab for the Young, Rich, and Addicted (Bloomberg)
• FCA may have saved active investment management (Financial Times)
• Barron’s: Cut the Top U.S. Corporate Tax Rate to 22% Cutting the corporate tax rate will boost the U.S. economy. But Trump’s 15% target is too low. (Barron’s)
• John Gruber: Jony Ive Has Lately Been ‘Not Directly Involved with Product Design’ (AppAdvice) see also On Jony Ive’s Role at Apple (Daring Fireball)
• Understanding Fedspeak (Brookings Institution)
• The messy emotions behind money (Chicago Tribune)
• Autocracy: Rules for Survival (New York Review of Books)
• Behind “Make America Great,” the Koch Agenda Returns with a Vengeance (Talking Points Memo) see also Plutonomics (The Wealth Report)
• The Sad Fate of Trump’s Biggest Losers: Newt, Giuliani, Christie, and Ailes (Vanity Fair)
• Snakes versus dragons: how we filmed this sequence for Planet Earth II (The Guardian)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Louise Yamada of Yamada Technical Research Advisors.


Mortgage Delinquency Rates

Source: World Property Journal

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