10 Sunday Reads

My easy-like Sunday morning train reads:

• Age of the ETF (Financial Times) see also Why active fund managers should cheer the rise of ETFs (Financial Times)
• Information Overload: Most Americans like their choices in today’s information-saturated world, but 20% feel overloaded. Tensions occur when institutions place high information demands on people. (Pew Research)
• S&P Just Demolished One Big Distinction Between Emerging and Developed Markets (Bloomberg)
• How many US manufacturing jobs were lost to globalisation? (Alphavillesee also A Cheat Sheet on the Deglobalization of the Financial World (Markets)
• Most Americans Who See Fake News Believe It, New Survey Says (Buzzfeed)
• Suspected of Corruption at Home, Powerful Foreigners Find Refuge in the U.S. (ProPublica)
• What to Do With Pussy (the Word, That Is) After Trump’s Election (Hollywood Reporter)
• Everyone is totally just winging it, all the time (The Guardian)
• Sex Robots Want to Hear About Your Day: Abyss Creations is about to change “Dutch Wives” forever. (Inverse)
• Here’s the NSFW way people are using Snapchat Spectacles (Mashable)

Be sure to check out part 1 of our Masters in Business podcast with Michael Lewis, author of such classics as Liar’s Poker, Money Ball, The Big Short, Flash Boys, and his just published book, The Undoing Project (my review).


Top 20 Payers of US Fines

Source: Bloomberg View

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