10 Weekend Reads

Three day weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Danish blend coffee, get cozy by the fire, and get ready for a super-sized portion of our long-form weekend reads:

• Ray Dalio offers a radical solution to the threat of ‘fake news’ and details life inside Bridgewater (Business Insider)
• Ten best papers/books in economic history of the last decades (part 1) (Notes on Liberty) and Ten best papers/books in economic history of the last decades (part 2) (Notes on Liberty)
• Howard Marks’s “Expert Opinion” (Waiters Pad)
• How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games (Nautilus)
• The Preposterous Success Story of America’s Pillow King (Bloomberg Businessweek)
• The Swedish Kings of Cyberwar (New York Review of Books)
• How Media Fuels Our Fear of Terrorism (Priceonomics)
• The Greatest Civilisation Ever Forgotten? (History Today)
• How much does it hurt? Aching, throbbing, searing, excruciating – pain is difficult to describe and impossible to see. So how can doctors measure it? (Mosaic)
• Living in Andy Cohen’s America (New York Times Magazine)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Brett Steenbarger, clinical psychologist and trading coach who works with such legendary firms as Tudor Investments.


Estimated Vehicle Miles Traveled on All Roads

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