10 Tuesday Blizzard Reads

Happy Pi Day! While the last gasps of Winter hits the NorthEast with a blizzard, the rest of the country can enjoy our morning train snow-blowing reads:

• Great Groveling, Guys: Counting All the Ways Analysts Fawn Over Management (MoneyBeat) see also Wall Street Has Found Its Next Big Short (Bloomberg)
• Fixed Index Annuities: ‘Magical’ or ‘Unsuitable’? (Philadelphia Inquirer)
• BlackRock vows new pressure on climate, board diversity (Reuters) see also Behind the Quiet State-by-State Fight Over Electric Vehicles (New York Times)
• When It Comes to Wall Street, Preet Bharara Is No Hero (ProPublica)
• Over 1 Million U.S. Homeowners Regained Positive Equity in 2016 (World Property Journal)

What are you reading?

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