Reminder: You Are Hardly Overtaxed in America!

Listen, I don’t like paying taxes anymore than the next guy, but can we please drop the pretense that we are overtaxed in the United States? (And please use the money to dix the f*#&ing roads, already)

Here; is BBRG:

Americans generally feel they’re being over-taxed, especially around this time of the year . . . The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development analyzed how 35 countries tax wage-earners, making it possible to compare tax burdens across the world’s biggest economies. Each year, the OECD measures what it calls the “tax wedge,” the gap between what a worker gets paid and what they actually spend or save. Included are income taxes, payroll taxes, and any tax credits or rebates that supplement worker income. Excluded are the countless other ways that governments levy taxes, such as sales and value-added taxes, property taxes, and taxes on investment income and gains.



Taxes Around the World

Source: Bloomberg

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