10 Monday AM Reads

Back from the beach? Return to the madness with our morning train reads:

• A Bubble Every Seven Years (L2but see A Few Charts And a Few Thoughts on Breakouts (irrelevantinvestor)
• Clements: Ways the Smart Money Thinks about the Dumb Money (Humbledollar)
• Tick, Tick, Tick: For Active Funds, It’s Time to Adapt (or Die) (Morningstar)
• Moneyball for Dead Celebs: This $5 Billion Business Sells Elvis and Michael Jackson (Bloomberg Businessweek)
• How Fake News Goes Viral—Here’s the Math (ScientificAmerican)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Ed Thorp, the math professor who Beat the Dealer, and Beat the Market, and became the first true quant hedge fund manager. His new autobiography is A Man for All Markets.

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