10 Tuesday AM Reads

Your two-for-Tuesday morning train reads:

• Your Tolerance for Investment Risk Is Probably Not What You Think (Wall Street Journal) see also Why a little apathy might be good for your long-term investment returns (Marketwatch)
• Private Assets Are the New Hedge Funds (Bloomberg Gadfly)
• Death to the debt limit? Brace yourself, I’m saying something nice about Trump (USA Today) see also Bound to No Party, Trump Upends 150 Years of Two-Party Rule (New York Times)
• The Unintended Consequences of Innovation (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• Electric Cars Reach a Tipping Point (Bloomberg Gadfly) see also Hybrid Hypercar, Tiny Electric Concepts Headline Frankfurt Motor Show (Bloomberg)
• How a 171-year-old news agency is the hidden mainstay of news on Facebook (The Drum)
• Harvey shows the anti-government crowd’s utter hypocrisy (Washington Post) see also A hurricane of conservative hypocrisy (Washington Post)
• If America ever does stop exporting political stability and the rule of law, it will probably not be due to a lack of demand, but a disruption in supply. (NYPost)
• Why Republicans Can’t Govern (FiveThirtyEightsee also Donald Trump Is Irrelevant to Corporate America (New Yorker)
• Hurricane Irma will likely cover South Florida with a film of poop (Quartz)

What are you reading?


What’s bad for the dollar is good for this Vanguard ETF

Source: Bloomberg


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