10 Friday AM Reads

My end of the week, morning train reads:

• Wall Street Regulator Is Also an Investor—With Meager Returns: Finra’s $1.6 billion portfolio has returned 3.4% annually, versus 6% for a half-stock, half-bond portfolio. (Wall Street Journal)
• Financial News May Not Rhyme, But It Often Repeats (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• The Allure of the Family Office (Institutional Investor)
• Apple and Qualcomm’s Billion-Dollar War Over an $18 Part (Bloomberg Businessweek)
•Mick Mulvaney: On Second Thought, Budget Deficits Are Awesome (Slate)
• Special Report: The bankrupt utility behind Puerto Rico’s power crisis (Reuters) see also Puerto Rico’s Economic Disaster Was Made in Washington. (BloombergView)
• Angry GOP donors close their wallets (Politico)
• Can the ‘Uber of Trash’ Clean Up Its Own Business? (Bloomberg)
• Nobel Prize for LIGO: How a new era of astronomy will ride on gravitational waves (Christian Science Monitor)
• Blade Runner 2049: our spoiler-free review: You’ve waited 35 years — we’re not going to ruin it for you at this point. (Verge)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Fred Fox, founder and CEO of Planalytics, a company specializing in business weather intelligence — the study, development and commercialization of weather analytics.


Countries With the Most Nobel Wins

Source: Wall Street Journal


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