10 Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning reads:

• What’s Up in Coal Country: Alternative-Energy Jobs Miners may have just the skills for scaling wind towers / putting solar panels on roofs in Wyoming and West Virginia (New York Timessee also If You Must Invest in Commodities, Here’s How (Bloomberg View)
• Zen and the Art of Hedge Fund Management (Wired)
• The Future of Retirement Is Margaritaville (Bloomberg)
• Wall Street Counting Its Tax-Cut Chickens Early (Barron’s)
• What every American needs to know about Puerto Rico’s hurricane disaster (Vox) see also With Bottles And Buckets, Puerto Ricans Seek The Water To Survive (NPR)
• An ingenious use of big data exposed a Chinese company illegally poaching thousands of sharks (Quartz)
• A Stanford psychologist on the art of avoiding assholes (Vox)
• Puerto Rico’s not coming back (Statistical Ideas)
• Yes, NFL Viewership Is Down. No, It’s Not Because of Trump. (The Atlantic) see also This Is All Bullshit (Deadspin)
• ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ The Early Years: Crazy Auditions and the Art of the Cringe (Hollywood Reporter)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Ranji Nagaswami, chief executive officer of Hirtle Callaghan, a firm that helped popularize the idea of the outsourced CIO. Previously, she was chief investment officer of Alliance Bernstein Investments.



Will Wilbur Ross’s Trade Approach Hurt US Competitiveness?

Source: Peterson Institute for International Economics


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