USA Is Smashing Its Clean Energy Targets

Renewable energy infrastructure is expanding at a much faster rate than was thought possible ten years ago. Predictions made in 2006 for installed solar was a massive 4,813% shy of reality in 2016. The U.S now installed wind capacity of 82 gigawatts — 361% greater than expected.

WEF observes:

Actual CO2 emissions in 2016 have undercut the 2006 predictions by 24 percent. In fact, energy consumption in total was also 17 lower than expected. In terms of the energy mix, power generated from coal was 45 percent beneath the forecast while clean(er) alternatives natural gas and wind/solar power saw overshoots of 79 and 383 percent, respectively.

The President can complain about the Paris Accord and pander to dwindling coal interests all he wants — the alternative solar & wind powered train has already left the station:


Source: World Economic Forum


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