10 Friday AM Reads

My that was some week morning train reads:

• China Spreads Propaganda to U.S. on Facebook, a Platform It Bans at Home (New York Times) see also What Reality TV Teaches Us About Russia’s Influence Campaign (New York Times)
• How Jim McCann Built 1-800-Flowers Into A $1 Billion Business and Why He Thinks Alexa Is The Future (Forbes)
• The new alternative investing: a restored farmhouse in Tuscany (Globe and Mail)
• The Startup Guru Who Wants Everyone to Think Like a Founder (Wired)
• How MJ, LeBron match up after King James’ 1,072nd game (ESPN)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation and former executive at America Online (her husband is Steve Case, founder of AOL). She is also chairman of the National Geographic Society Board of Trustees.

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