10 Christmas Day Reads

My holiday morning stop and consider your fellow man reads:

• Extreme poverty returns to America (Washington Post) see also The 10 Most Ridiculous Home Sales of 2017 (Bloomberg)
• The science behind kids’ belief in Santa (Science News)
• Be Kind of Evil: Google has evolved beyond its famous slogan (Slate)
• Retirement benefit: 7 reasons to be thankful for Social Security (USA Today)
• Is America’s Happiness Industrial Complex Working? (Outside)
• Sports is part of the fight against racism (Toronto Star) see also How to Make Better Men (Bloomberg)
• The Greatest Story Ever Told (Collaborative Fund)
• Americans think Trump’s tax plan is a giveaway to the rich. These new graphs show they’re right. (Washington Post)
• Israel’s Jesus Trail: 3 Days of Trekking, Eating and Generous Strangers along the 40-mile Jesus Trail, from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee (Wall Street Journal)
• Convicted of Killing Her Mother, because Prosecutors Withheld the Evidence That Would Have Freed Her (New York Times) see also When ‘Not Guilty’ Is a Life Sentence (New York Times)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Ric Edelman, co-founder and chairman of Edelman Financial Services LLC, managing $21 billion dollars.



Searching for Spirituality in the U.S.: A New Look at the Spiritual but Not Religious

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