Favorite Wall Street Movies

Wall Street Movies: After a long day at the desk, what’s more relaxing than kicking back and watching a movie about investing or trading? Here are 4 flicks for your favorite keyboard jockey:

– Eddie Murphy Trading Places ($9) Only tangentially related to trading, but filled with lots of oft quoted lines, this comedy is good for everyone.

– Wall Street ($10) Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel. Dated, but watchable. Skip the 2010 version — its awful.

– Boiler Room ($6) Know a retail stock jockey? This gritty flick will show him what the bad old days were like in the land of penny stocks. A cautionary tale with a great cast.

Wolf of Wall Street ($14) Director Martin Scorsese uses Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie and Matthew McConaughey to great effect in this tale, based on real life story, of a talented salesman seduced by fast money and penny stocks.

– Margin Call ($7) This 2011 film set during the financial crisis has already been called the greatest Wall Street movie ever made.

The Big Short  The Great FInancial Crisis gets the Michael Lewis treatment . . .

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