10 Tuesday AM Reads

Our Two-for-Tuesday morning train reads:

• George H.W. Bush Was a Better President Than Reagan or Clinton (Slate) see also Sully, Bush’s service dog, lies by his casket before one last journey with the former president (Washington Post)
• Inside the World’s Most Elite (and Secret) Traders’ Club: The nameless group confers “a hunting license” that lets an investor sit at the “big boy table and make high-level trades not available to stupid amateurs.” (Bloomberg)
• Bitcoin is close to becoming worthless (Marketwatch) see also Crypto Winter Is Here and We Only Have Ourselves to Blame (Coindesk)
• What’s Really Happening to Retail? (The Atlantic) see also A $500 Device Helps a Mom and Pop Toy Store Find Shoppers on Google (Bloomberg)
• Yes, the Octopus Is Smart. But Why? It has eight arms, three hearts — and a plan. Scientists aren’t sure how the cephalopods got to be so intelligent. (New York Times)

What are you reading?

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