Nat Gas Surpasses Coal for Electricity Generation

Source: NYT


Its hard to argue with the data here:

Coal was the major and majority source of energy for electrical generation for the past 100 years. That changed in 2015, as it fell below 51%.

By 2017, it was down to 30 percent and falling. That year, coal was the primary electricity generation source for 18 states — down from 32 states in 2001.

Blame cheaper cleaner natural gas. Fracking has made this abundant domestic energy source cheaper and much cleaner than coal (though thats not saying much).

While fossil fuels still dominate electricity generation in the United States, the shift from coal to natural gas, wind and solar is lowering carbon dioxide emissions.


At the link, you can see how your state is doing . . . or check out my Tweetstorm on the highlights.

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