10 Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning reads:

• Advice for Grads: A Marathon, Not a Sprint: Tips for the Long Journey (Coffee and Capital)
• What Happens to a Factory Town When the Factory Shuts Down? (New York Times)
• Buffett Partner Charlie Munger Has a Side Gig: Designing College Dorms (Wall Street Journal)
• ‘Moneyland’ Reveals How Oligarchs, Kleptocrats And Crooks Stash Fortunes (NPR)
• Stung by Trade Wars, Wisconsin’s Milk Farmers Face Extinction (New York Times)
• How the Intercept Is Fueling the Democratic Civil War (Politico) see also How Fox News distorts the news: A Mueller case study (Washington Post)
• They Want It to Be Secret: How a Common Blood Test Can Cost $11 or Almost $1,000 (The Upshot)
• The Existential Crisis Plaguing Online Extremism Researchers (Wired)
• Now playing at the Supreme Court: How to preserve white power in four easy steps (Washington Post) see also Why Trump Is Soft on White-Supremacist Terrorism (New York Magazine)
• It’s Not Allentown: Billy Joel’s Helicopter Commute Irks Long Island Neighbors (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Ivy Zelman, who in 2007 founded Zelman & Associates LLC, the leading research and investment firm dedicated to the housing market and related sectors. She currently serves as chief executive officer and principal. Prior to that, she served at Crédit Suisse First Boston, and Salomon Brothers.


Why the future of well-being isn’t about money

Source: World Economic Forum


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