10 Wednesday AM Reads

My end of July, midweek morning train reads:

• Sports Cars, Psychopaths, and Testosterone: Inside the New Frontier of Fund Manager Research (Institutional Investor)
• Why wealth and patience appear to go hand in hand (Christian Science Monitor)
• Dirty Money Spotlights Role of Family Offices as Enablers: From Lawyers to Family Offices, These Professionals Have Helped Suspicious Wealth Find Its Way Into Britain (Bloomberg)
• The Very Small World of VC The people who bet big on disruptive technologies have a lot in common. (TNR)
• U.S. income inequality is only getting worse. Now what? (Fast Company) see also Stop Blaming America’s Poor for Their Poverty (Bloomberg)
• I’m a data scientist who is skeptical about data (Quartz)
• We Need a New Science of Progress: Humanity needs to get better at knowing how to get better. (The Atlantic)
• Lance Armstrong’s Podcast Is Making Cycling Fans Forget About the Doping: Banned from sports and dropped by sponsors, the former cyclist is back, with a hit podcast and a new athletic brand. (Businessweek)
• The Mosquitoes Are Coming for Us: They are our apex predator, the deadliest hunters of human beings on the planet (New York Times)
• Quentin Tarantino Made a Giant Playlist of His Favourite Music From His Films (Vice) see also Tarantino take over “Film & TV Favorites” playlist. (Spotify)

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The Democratic Party’s Health-Care Battle

Source: Bloomberg

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