10 Weekend Reads

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Danish Blend coffee, grab a seat by the pool, and get ready for our longer form weekend reads:

• The High-Octane, In-Demand, and Worrying World of Risky Loans (Institutional Investor)
• Man Who Built The Retweet: “We Handed A Loaded Weapon To 4-Year-Olds” (Buzzfeed)
• As ESPN tries to stick to sports, President Jimmy Pitaro must define what that means (Washington Post)
• The Psychology of Prediction (Collaborative Fund)
• This Clever New Service Auto-Cancels Your Free Trials (Wired) see also DoNotPay by Joshua Browder (iStore)
• Was the Automotive Era a Terrible Mistake? For a century, we’ve loved our cars. They haven’t loved us back. (New Yorker)
• Meet the dominatrixes who control men where it really hurts: Their wallets (Washington Post)
• Decoding the Neuroscience of Consciousness: A growing understanding of consciousness could lead to fresh treatments for brain injuries and phobias. (Nature)
• What It’s Like to Watch the Arctic Die Up Close (Vice) see also No Climate Event in 2,000 Years Compares to What’s Happening Now (The Atlantic)
• Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them. (New York Times)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Nathan Sheets, chief economist and head of global macroeconomic research at PGIM Fixed Income, which manages $776B in global fixed-income funds.


The Pound Is a Brexit Barometer. It’s Not Looking Great Right Now.

Source: NYT



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