10 Monday AM Reads

My start your week morning train reads:

• Low interest rates are often a cure. Now they’re also a symptom. (Christian Science Monitor) see also The Bond Market’s All-In On Its Recession Forecast (Capital Spectator)
• No-deal Brexit will wreak havoc on Britain’s economy, infrastructure and social fabric, says leaked government document (London Times)
• The Four-Second Catastrophe: How Boeing Doomed the 737 MAX (Wall Street Journal)
• What is We!? Understanding the WeWork IPO (Medium)
• Why the CFO of a Famously Corrupt Company from the 1980s is Working for the Government (Worth)
• Did we evolve to see reality as it exists? No, says cognitive psychologist Donald Hoffman. (Big Think)
• And Now, the Really Big Coal Plants Begin to Close: Old, small plants were the early retirees, but several of the biggest U.S. coal burners—and CO2 emitters-will be shuttered by year’s end (Scientific American)
• The Life of a Person Who Wakes Up Really, Really Early (The Atlantic)
• Mia Khalifa is among the world’s most-watched women. The porn industry keeps all the profits.  (Washington Post)
• 50 years on, Woodstock memories still glow for those who were there (Denver Post)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Josh Wolfe, co-founder and managing partner of Lux Capital. The venture firm was set up to support scientists and entrepreneurs who pursue unconventional solutions to the most challenging problems of our time.



Source: Scott Galloway


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