10 Tuesday AM Reads

My Two-for-Tuesday morning train reads:

• Will Global Jitters Dull the Glitter of New York’s Art Gigaweek? (NYT) See also $100 Million for a Painting? Not This Auction Week (Wall Street Journal)
• Aramco IPO Isn’t a Great Deal for Investors (Barron’s)
• WeWork’s white elephant: Insiders rip Lord & Taylor building buy (Real Deal) see also Making WeWork Work Again (Worth)
• How Bridgewater Tackled One of Asset Management’s Toughest Hiring Problems (Institutional Investor)
• Gene Therapy: For Investors, a Source of Dreams—and Duds (Chief Investment Officer) but see We May Be Entering a New Era for Using Consumer Genetic Information to Solve Crime (Slate)
• Inside the little-known world of flavorists, who are trying to make plant-based meat taste like the real thing (Washington Post)
• Farmers nearing crisis push back on Trump trade policies (Politico) see also Farmers in Crisis Turn to High-Interest Loans as Banks Pull Back (Wall Street Journal)
• The 50 Best Things to Watch on DisneyPlus+ Right Now (NYT)
• What the hell is “Uitwaaien”? The Simple Dutch Cure for Stress (Nautilus) but see also Buddhism scholars: Meditation apps are fueling tech addiction, not easing stress (Fast Company)
• There’s No Such Thing as Millennials or Boomers (Bloomberg)

Be sure to check out a special edition of Masters in Business Live! this weekend with Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama and Dimensional Funds co-founder and executive chairman David Booth, live from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.


Source: Bloomberg

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