10 Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning policy reads:

• “He’s F–king Destroyed This Town”: How Zuck Became the Most Reviled Man in Tech (Vanity Fair)
• A Michigan Man Underpaid His Property Taxes By $8.41. The County Seized His Property, Sold It—and Kept the Profits. (Reason)
• In the Trump era, Oracle holds tech sway (Axios)
• This foreign meat company got U.S. tax money. Now it wants to conquer America. (Washington Post)
• For Sale: SAT-Takers’ Names. Colleges Buy Student Data and Boost Exclusivity (Wall Street Journal)
• Refinancing Gains in Real Estate (A Wealth of Common Sense) see also People Are Staying in Their Homes Longer—a Big Reason for Slower Sales (Wall Street Journal)
• We have no idea how many foundations are shams. (Vox)
• Trump Fans So Mad at Matt Drudge They’re Trying to Make a MAGA Rival to His ‘Left-Wing’ Site (Daily Beast)
• Bailed Out by Russia, 1987-2014: Donald Trump may not have any business in Russia, but Russia certainly has business in Donald Trump. (Moscow Project)
• Inside Football’s Campaign to Save the Game (New York Times)

Be sure to check out a special edition of Masters in Business Live! this weekend with Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama and Dimensional Funds co-founder and executive chairman David Booth, live from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.


20% of workers with a doctorate degree have noncompete agreements. So do 20% of workers with less than a high school degree

Source: Torsten Sløk, Deutsche Bank Securities



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