10 Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning policy reads:

• America’s Most Socialist Generation Is Also Its Most Misanthropic (New York Magazine)
• How Mike Pence’s Office Meddled in Foreign Aid to Reroute Money to Favored Christian Groups (ProPublica)
• A Trump Tax Break To Help The Poor Went To a Rich GOP Donor’s Superyacht Marina. Wealthy donors Wayne Huizenga Jr. and Jeff Vinik lobbied then-Gov. Rick Scott for the lucrative tax break — and won it. Poorer communities lost out. (ProPublica)
• Michael Bloomberg Earned $48 Billion and Eternal Adoration From Wall Street. But Does Anyone Else Want Him to Be President? (Institutional Investor)
• Welcome to Molar City, Mexico, The Dental Mecca America’s Health Care Costs Built (Huffington Post) see also A Philly woman’s broken back and $36,000 bill shows how some health insurance brokers trick consumers into skimpy plans (Philadelphia Inquirer)
• ‘I’m gonna lose everything’: A farm family struggles to recover after rising debt pushes a husband to suicide (Washington Post)
• How America Ends: A tectonic demographic shift is under way. Can the country hold together? (The Atlantic)
• The FBI Says Violent Hate Crimes Have Surged To A 16-Year High. Activists Aren’t Surprised. (Buzzfeed)
• How the U.S. betrayed the Marshall Islands, kindling the next nuclear disaster (Los Angeles Times)
• Plane stowaway: Who was Kenyan man who fell into London garden? (Sky News)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, 5-time recipient of the DOD Distinguished Public Service Medal. Carter is author of 11 books, most recently, Inside the Five-Sided Box: Lessons from a Lifetime of Leadership in the Pentagon.


A polarized electorate is less swayed by how well the economy performs

Source: Wall Street Journal


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