10 Christmas Eve AM Reads

My Christmas Eve morning reads:

• What’s Amazon’s market share? 35% or 5%? (Benedict Evans)
• Uncle Sam Makes Retirement Planning, Saving Easier With 6 Key Reforms, via the Secure Act (Investor’s Business Daily)
• I rise, your Honor, in defense of the 60/40 portfolio. (Marketwatch)
• CIOs Bring Passive Investments into the Mix. But will index funds hold on to their appeal if US stocks hit a bear market in the next year or two? (CIO)
• Why Robocallers and Scammers Love Gift Cards (Wall Street Journal)
• A Third of America’s Economy is Concentrated in Just 31 Counties (Bloomberg)
• Google AI chief Jeff Dean interview: Machine learning trends in 2020 (Venture Beat)
• The Human Toll of the 2019 Media Apocalypse (Medium)
• Fur is under attack. It’s not going down without a fight. (Washington Post)
• Science Fiction’s Wonderful Mistakes (New Republic)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with investor Sarah Cone, founder of Social Impact Capital, a New York based VC firm focusing on “teams doing good with technology.”


Uh Oh: Santa May Have a Big Problem

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