10 Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning Florida policy reads:

• Why You’re Still In Debt: A decade after the great recession, the complaints are the same: “I am working 70-plus hours a week during the summer.” “I’m $60,000 in debt.” “I’m never going to be able to retire.” (Buzzfeed)
• This Brain Region Lights Up When People Display Confirmation Bias (Discover) see also Brain scans show how “collective narration” shapes our memories (Inverse)
• The Terror Queue: Moderators help keep Google / YouTube free of violent extremism — and now  have PTSD. (The Verge)
• ‘It’s Like a Cult’: How a Hyped New York Art Gallery Built Its Name on Exploitation (Jezebel)
• Hundreds of ‘pink slime’ local news outlets are distributing algorithmic stories and conservative talking points (Columbia Journalism Review)
• What Would Jesus Do About Inequality? The faith and work movement wants to bend the gospel back toward economic justice.  (New York Times)
• Facebook Is a Right-Wing Company, Part One Million (New Republic)
• Fender is reinventing itself for the future of music while holding onto its past (Quartz)
• Christianity Today: Trump Should Be Removed from Office. (Christianity Today) see also The Conservative Case for Impeachment — and Removal  (NYT)
• How ‘The Simpsons’ lost its edge (Washington Post)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with investor Sarah Cone, founder of Social Impact Capital, a New York based VC firm focusing on “teams doing good with technology.”



Americans Say Economy Is Helping the Rich, Hurting the Poor + Middle Class

Source: Pew Research



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