10 Monday AM Reads

My back to work vacation morning train reads:

• Mom and Pop Are On Epic Stock Buying Spree Fueled by Free Trades (Bloomberg)
• How Private Equity Became a Beta Play: All the numbers point to private equity and venture capital being at a peak. But it’s not for the reasons many think (Institutional Investor)
• What the E*Trade Deal Tells You About the New Investing Game (Wall Street Journal)
• Market Have ALWAYS Been Rigged, Broken & Manipulated. (Wealth of Common Sense)
• How Blackstone became the world’s biggest corporate landlord (Fortune)
• Dying malls want a second chance at life: As Americans increasingly shop online and stay at home, can malls find new community appeal? (Curbed)
• Facebook’s political ad problem, explained by an expert (Vox)
• How Trump Hollowed Out US National Security (Wired)
• How epidemics like COVID-19 end (and how to end them faster). (Washington Post)
• Louis Armstrong, the King of Queens: The jazz musician’s impeccably maintained home in a modest New York City neighborhood is a testament to his — and midcentury design’s — legacy. (New York Times)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Brian Deese, Global Head of Sustainable Investing for Blackrock, the investing giant managing over 7 trillion dollars.



Early Market/Fed Balance Sheet recovery correlation was “spurious”
Source: BAML Ethan Harris


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