10 Tuesday AM Reads

My Two-for-Tuesday morning train WFH reads:

• Putin’s Long War Against American Science (New York Times) see also Lies About Covid-19 Might Be Deadly, but They’re Not Unique (Wired)
• Why the Fed Was the Part of Government Most Ready for This Crisis (New York Magazine)
• Gen Z was fed up with the status quo. The coronavirus could reinforce their liberal politics. (Washington Post) see also Bernie Sanders built a legion of meme-making, TikTok-loving online fans. Now they’re pivoting to new socialist goals. (Business Insider)
• We’re on the Brink of Cyberpunk (Slate)
• As Wealthy New Yorkers Flee the City for Suburbs, Will the Exodus Be Permanent? (Mansion Global) see also Homebound Buyers Ask: Is a Picture Worth $1 Million? (New York Times)
• Some Companies Are Too Connected to Fail (Bloomberg)
• Capitalists or Cronyists? (No Mercy / No Malice) see also Its Not Capitalism, its Crony Capitalism (The Big Picture)
• Mike and the Madness: Francesa Rages Amid the Coronavirus (Wall Street Journal)
• Barack Obama wins the Democratic primary (Politico) see also Mike Bloomberg’s Firm That Ran His Presidential Campaign Is Bidding to Take Over Joe Biden’s (The Intercept)
• Satisfaction: How the Rolling Stones Made Tequila a Hit. The famed rock band’s thirst for Tequila Sunrises inspired a generation to drink the agave spirit. (Daily Beast)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with John Mousseau, CEO and Director of Fixed Income Trading at Cumberland Advisors, which manages $3.5B in fixed income products.


A “conceptual” schematic chart if the global curve, via JPMorgan

Source: @CarlQuintanilla


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