10 Sunday Reads

My helpful collection of resources and information for your easy like Sunday morning reads:

How to Stay Safe:

• These people have Hand Sanitizer in stock (free delivery over $30) (Squeaky Clean)
• Apple COVID-19 App: This app can screen your symptoms, and give advice to protect your health; built in partnership with the CDC. (Apple)
• The Food Expiration Dates You Should Actually Follow (New York Times)
• 6 things to know about telehealth (Vox)
• Coronavirus symptoms: 10 key indicators (CNN)
• How Far Can Air Carry Coronavirus? (New York Times)

Vaccine & Treatment Medical News:

• Gilead data suggests coronavirus patients are responding to treatment (Stat)
• Why positioning Covid-19 patients on their stomachs can save lives (CNN)
• These Are the Drugs and Vaccines That Might End the Coronavirus Pandemic (Bloomberg)
• Here’s the Deal With Antibodies and Coronavirus Immunity (Slate)
• Doctor with coronavirus saved with experimental treatment (Los Angeles Times)
• Health care workers are 10%-20% of US coronavirus cases (AP)
• ‘What Disease Are We Treating?’: Why Coronavirus Is Stumping Many Doctors (New York Times)

Aid and assistance:

• How to help restaurants, hospitals & people during the coronavirus outbreak (CNET)
• Coronavirus resources: US state and local health departments (Live Science)
• How To Get Your $1,200 Emergency Payment Faster — But Watch Out For Debt Collectors (NPR)

Staying Healthy & Sane:

• 14 ways to protect your mental health in the pandemic, according to Public Health England (World Economic Forum)
• Why You Feel So Damn Tired While Working from Home (InStyle)
• US may have to endure social distancing until 2022 if no vaccine is quickly found, scientists predict (CNN)
• Here are the drugs that could treat coronavirus. But don’t expect a magic bullet. (Washington Post)
• Many people lost their sense of smell weeks ago. They’re still waiting for it to come back (CNN)

Resolving the Crisis:

• Michael Lewis: The Covid Test Lab That Could Save America (Bloomberg)
• Baseball? Coachella? Handshakes? Tinder? Anthony Fauci on the New Rules of Living With Coronavirus (Vanity Fair)
• The case for ending the Covid-19 pandemic with mass testing. (Vox)
• The Virus Should Wake Up the West: The job of government is to protect its citizens. The pandemic reveals that key institutions in Europe and the U.S. are no longer up to the job. (Bloomberg)
• How Do We Exit The Shutdown? Hire An Army Of Public Health Workers (Kaiser Health News)
• Coronavirus Today: Science will save us (Los Angeles Times)
• How Anthony Fauci Became America’s Doctor (New Yorker)
• Inside the High Stakes New Life of a Coronavirus Specialist (GQ)


• Coronavirus Case Counts Are Meaningless* (FiveThirtyEight)
• There’s Been a Spike in People Dying at Home in Several Cities. That Suggests Coronavirus Deaths Are Higher Than Reported. (ProPublica)
• The coronavirus is particularly unkind to those who are obese (Los Angeles Times)
• Life and Death in the ‘Hot Zone’ (New York Times)
• The social-distancing deniers have arrived (CNN)
• Making Smart Bets in the Age of COVID-19 (in collaboration with Annie Duke) (Medium)
• A New Statistic Reveals Why America’s COVID-19 Numbers Are Flat (The Atlantic)


Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with James Montier, member of GMO’s Asset allocation team and author of numerous investing books, including The Little Book of Behavioral Investing: How not to be your own worst enemy.


Tracking COVID-19 testing in the US State by State
Source: AP


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Our new Sunday routine is to start with helpful, positive news — thats all above.

This below? Infuriating discussions of the incompetency, corruption and policy failures at various levels by elected officials: President, Governors, Senators, Cabinet officials, Mayors. READ at risk of ruining your otherwise lovely and relaxing Sunday morning:

• The U.S. was beset by denial and dysfunction as the coronavirus raged (Washington Post)
• He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus (New York Times)
• ‘Nothing to worry about’ and ‘it’s being contained’: How Trump officials downplayed the coronavirus (CNN)
• Peter Navarro memos warning of mass coronavirus death circulated West Wing in January (Axios)
• George W. Bush in 2005: ‘If we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare’ (ABC News)
•  This Is Trump’s Fault (The Atlantic) see also Worst. President. Ever. (Washington Post)
• The last days of Rosemarie Gabriele, Pasco County’s first coronavirus victim (Tampa Bay Times)
• ‘This will blow over’: In states without stay-at-home orders, Americans celebrate freedom as death toll climbs (USA Today) see also Why these 8 Republican governors are holding out on statewide stay-at-home orders (CNN)
• Senator Kelly Loeffler, Who Downplayed the Coronavirus, Simultaneously Invested In Maker of Protective Gear (Vanity Fair)
• How Did the U.S. End Up with Nurses Wearing Garbage Bags? (New Yorker) see also Medical Supplies Free-for-All Has States Lashing Out at FEMA (Bloomberg)
• The Economy Is Ruined. It Didn’t Have to Be This Way. (The Atlantic)
• This Is What Happens When the Federal Government Abandons You: Local officials and health-care workers are struggling to improvise solutions. (The Atlantic) see also Overwhelmed Hospitals Face a New Crisis: Staffing Firms Are Cutting Their Doctors’ Hours and Pay (ProPublica)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with James Montier, member of GMO’s Asset allocation team and author of numerous investing books, including The Little Book of Behavioral Investing: How not to be your own worst enemy.


Headline of the week: 70 days of Denial, Delays & Dysfunction 

Source: Washington Post



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