10 Thursday AM Reads

My morning train WFH reads:

LeBron James Gets $100 Million Investment to Build Media Empire: The King and his longtime business partner Maverick Carter have formed a new company with an unapologetic agenda. (Businessweek)   
• How to Lose a Billion Dollars Without Really Trying: Volatility trades — which have caused major losses at hedge and pension funds alike — are the toxic subprime mortgages of the Covid Crash. (Institutional Investor)   

• Pandemic Spurs Investor Interest in Social Bonds: The sustainable finance instrument has become an unlikely tool in the economic fight against COVID-19. (CIO)
• Never The Same: Things are different now. They started to change in 2008, when Congress and the Federal Reserve threw unprecedented money at the economy to keep it from collapsing. They’ve done it again this year with even more money. (Collaborative Fund)
• Segway, the most hyped invention since the Macintosh, ends production: The Segway brand will no longer make its two-wheeled, self-balancing namesake. (Fast Company)
• “Reality” is constructed by your brain. Here’s what that means, and why it matters. What the science of visual illusions can teach us about our polarized world. (Vox)
• Ancient Rome Was Teetering. Then a Volcano Erupted 6,000 Miles Away. Scientists have linked historical political instability to a number of volcanic events, the latest involving an eruption in the Aleutian Islands.(New York Times)
• Why Does Brad Parscale Still Have a Job? Parscale is an interesting character for many reasons, not least of which is that this is the first time he’s ever been the manager of a political campaign. Not “of a presidential campaign,” but of any political campaign.  (The Bulwark
• Why Building Your Own Grill Is the Backyard Project of the Summer (Bloomberg)
• A Candid Conversation Between Liz Phair and Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan: Two pillars of brilliantly blunt indie rock from different generations come together to discuss how things change and how they don’t. (Pitchfork)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Ron Carson, founder and CEO of Carson Group, which serves financial advisors and investors through its various businesses. Carson Wealth manages 12 billion dollars for clients.


Rt Covid-19: Above 1.0, virus spreads quickly, below, it stops spreading 

Source: RT Live


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