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My morning train WFH reads:

Now We Know: Trump’s 2016 Win Was No Fluke: Perhaps the biggest shock is that despite weak leadership (to put it charitably) on coronavirus management in the White House, the track record didn’t matter to half of voters. (Capital Spectator)
Americans Were Given the Coronavirus Option to Raid Their 401(k). Most Didn’t. Low-income workers who would be most likely to tap a retirement-savings account are least likely to have one (Wall Street Journal)
Inside the Chaotic Unraveling of Jack Ma’s $35 Billion IPO Ma’s meeting in Beijing marked the start of a wild 72 hours. Ant faces new reality of tighter regulation, restrained growth (Bloomberg)
Market definitions and tech monopolies One of the basic building blocks of any competition case is market definition. If you’re claiming that a company has market dominance, and that it’s abusing that dominance, what market are we talking about? (Benedict Evans)
1 in 3 Americans now lives in a state where recreational marijuana is legal New Jersey, Arizona and Montana passed measures to legalize adult-use marijuana. South Dakota became the first state to authorize both medical and recreational sales at the same time. (Politico) see also Election Day was a major rejection of the war on drugs In every state where marijuana legalization or another drug policy reform was on the ballot, it won. (Vox)
A Covid Vaccine Is the Next Tourist Attraction: If a treatment were not yet available where you live, how far would you travel to get it? (Bloomberg)
They hate Trump for a living. They might miss him, too. What happens to the likes of Sarah Cooper, Crooked Media, and the Lincoln Project in a Trumpless world? (Vox)
MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki keeps going. And going. And going. The network’s top wonk took his first break on Wednesday afternoon, a network spokesperson said (Washington Post)
Here are some tips to boost your immune system this winter Flu season is always a challenging time. But now, during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself — especially if you’re an older American. (Marketwatch)
‘Hamilton’ Was Just the Beginning. Hollywood Loves Broadway, Again. Theaters may be closed, but streamers and studios are flocking to the stage to meet the insatiable demand for content. (New York Times)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business next week with Adam Posen, president of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Posen’s research into monetary and fiscal policies have propelled the institute to international recognition. He was a voting member of the Bank of England.


Coronavirus Changed Consumer Behaviors and Company Valuations

Source: Morningstar


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