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My insurrection week morning WFH reads:

U.S. reports more than 4,000 covid-19 deaths, 200,000 new infections, in deadliest day of pandemic The US shattered records for single day coronavirus deaths, topping 4,000. Experts worry that the new, more contagious strain of the virus that has already detected in 8 states will make matters worse. “We are in a race against time. We need to increase our speed in which we act so that we don’t allow this virus to spread further and allow this variant to become the dominant one in circulation. The clock is ticking.” (Washington Post)
The Future of Offices When Workers Have a Choice Some work spaces in central employment districts may become housing, and some housing in residential areas may become work spaces. (New York Times)
ETFs in Pictures 2020 It’s that time of year… a look back at some of my favorite ETF charts and pictures from a wild 2020. Enjoy! (ETF Educator)
Rental Home Construction Climbs as Purchase Prices Surge Investors are betting Americans will keep flocking to spacious suburban living even if they can’t afford to buy (Wall Street Journal)
Xi’s Push Against Jack Ma Sparks New Threat for China Tech Chinese tech companies did a pretty good job convincing global investors that they operated independently from the Communist Party. Now, Jack Ma has become a case study for the firms’ biggest skeptics. (Bloomberg)
The Sperm Kings Have a Problem: Too Much Demand Many people want a pandemic baby, but some sperm banks are running low. So women are joining unregulated Facebook groups to find willing donors, no middleman required. (New York Times)
Your nose knows you have COVID before you do. Is a scratch-and-sniff card the best tool for mass testing? Researchers at the University of Colorado and Yale have developed a smell test they estimate can be as effective for coronavirus surveillance as regular PCR tests  (Colorado Sun)
F*** You, Ted Cruz: You un-American, anti-democracy, lying sack of sh*t Liar or believer? Republican politicians and media figures spout falsehood after Trump-supporting falsehood. Do they really believe it? Are they cynically going along with claims they know have no basis in reality? Ted Cruz does not. He is lying. (Arc) see also Japanese lessons for the American coup While we’re watching the news, consider a parallel from a piece of history from 1930s Japan, when the country was taken over by right-wing elements of the military. Less known is this followed years of coup attempts by even more right-wing factions. (Noahpinion)
What Is the Geometry of the Universe? In our mind’s eye, the universe seems to go on forever. But using geometry we can explore a variety of three-dimensional shapes that offer alternatives to “ordinary” infinite space. (Quanta)
Why can’t the stormtroopers in Star Wars shoot straight? Everyone knows the Galactic Empire’s plastic-looking soldiers can’t aim for toffee. But there’s a perfectly good explanation … (The Guardian)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Sébastien Page, head of  T. Rowe Price’s Multi-Asset Division, which manages $363.5 billion. T. Rowe Price’s total AUM was $1.31 trillion.


Timeline of the Capitol Breach

Source: Washington Post


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