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We managed to set free this weekend’s MiB with Michael Lewis a few days early.

A quick funny story about our conversation: I know him fairly well, having interviewed him 4 or 5 times for an hour or so each time; We also spent a few hours tossing some back at the bar at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida before an ETF conference the next day. So while we are not college buddies, there is a degree of familiarity between us where I bluntly say things in a tone I might not use with others I know less well. I think/hope he appreciates being spoken to like a person and not a celeb.

Anyway, we finish our recording, and I say to my audio engineer Tim, “Hey, take out all of that crosstalk where I tell Michael he is wrong about his own book (and other assorted dumb things I said.)”

Tim replies, “No FN way. That stuff is gold, leave it in.”

And so we do.

You can hear all of his his insights and my idiocies on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google, Bloomberg, and Acast.

And if you want to see what a professional interview looks like, here is this week’s segment on 60 Minutes.

Early pandemic spotters at the center of Michael Lewis’ new book, “The Premonition”

Source: CBS


Last, I really enjoyed the book, and I think you will too.

The Premonition: A Pandemic Story



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