MiB: Brian Deese, NEC Director


This week, we speak with Brian Deese, director of the National Economic Council under President Joe Biden, about the administration’s plans to challenge anti-competitive forces across the economy.

Deese observes that industry consolidation and market concentration costs the average U.S. family about $5,000 per year. President Joe Biden appointed him as Chairman of the President’s Council on Competitiveness. Biden has blamed decades of lax antitrust enforcement, a build-up of excessive regulations, and increasing industry concentration for the rising costs to families.

That annual $5,000 per family is recaptured by bringing more competition back by focusing on:

– Restoring Net Neutrality

– Eliminating non-compete agreements required by companies for entry and mid-level employees.

– Greater scrutiny on mergers and acquisitions that reduce competition.

– Breaking monoply of Residential Real Estate agents to lower Home Sale commissions (US among most expensive in world);

– Reducing state occupational licensing requirements for non skilled, non-dangerous jobs.

– Allowing states to import prescription drugs from Canada;

– Ending the practice of “Pay to Delay” where pharmaceutical companies pay generic manufacturers to not make cheaper generic version of a name-brand drug;

– Allow Medicare to use its market position to negotiate for lower drug prices;

– Ending exclusive deals with landlord’s that prevent broadband providers from competing in the same building;

– “Right to Repair” Allowing Farmers to repair their own tractors, p[eople to fix their own phones and tablets;

– Allowing hearing aids to be sold without a prescription (over the counter).

A partial transcript of our conversation is available here; the full transcript will be posted here tomorrow.

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