10 Sunday AM Reads

Avert your eyes! My Sunday morning look at incompetency, corruption and policy failures:

An American Kingdom: A new and rapidly growing Christian movement is openly political, wants a nation under God’s authority, and is central to Donald Trump’s GOP (Washington Post)

Return Scams Jump as Fraudsters Exploit E-commerce Boom Amazon, Walmart and others are targets of ‘item not received’ fraud, which surged during pandemic (Wall Street Journal)

The struggle to make health apps truly private Why privacy and patient advocates are worried that substance use disorder apps aren’t keeping data private. (Vox)

How Did the Sacklers Pull This Off? This Is What Billionaire Justice Looks Like Though they are widely reviled for profiting from a public health crisis that has resulted in the death of half a million Americans, they have used their money and influence to play our system like a harp. It is hardly news that our society treats people like Mr. Washington with sledgehammer vengeance and people like the Sacklers with velvet gloves. (New York Times)

• ‘I Alone Can Fix It’ book excerpt: Inside Trump’s Election Day and the birth of the ‘big lie’ At the end of a tumultuous day, the defiant president refused to accept the signs that he was losing the White House contest to Joe Biden. “I won in a landslide and they’re taking it back,” Trump told advisers. (Washington Post)

• Inside the Weird, Thriving World of Fake Vaccine Cards For $200, a scammer will even promise to get your info into an official database. (Slate)

What the Hell Happened to the Claremont Institute? How the once-distinguished conservative think tank plunged into Trumpism, illiberalism, and lying about the election. (The Bulwark)

The persecution of Hervis Rogers It is a stark example of how Texas prosecutors and judges can abuse the bail system: There are 60,000 people behind bars in Texas jails. Three out of four have not been convicted of a crime. Instead, they are incarcerated because they cannot afford bail. (Popular Information)

The Moral Collapse of J. D. Vance: Instead of a truth-teller in his own community, Vance as a candidate has become a contemptible and cringe-inducing clown. (The Atlantic)

Tucker Carlson’s Manufactured America: The Fox host has a new daytime show, and he’s using it to poison the meaning of patriotism. (The Atlantic) see also How Tucker Carlson became the voice of White grievance (Washington Post)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Matt Ishbia, CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage. UWM is the number 1 wholesale lender and the number 2 overall mortgage lender in the nation. The firm went public in the biggest SPAC ever (UWMC)  this year. Ishbia is also the author of “Running the Corporate Offense: Lessons in Effective Leadership from the Bench to the Boardroom.


The anatomy of a ransomware attack

Source: Washington Post


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