How to be Smart About the Delta Variant




This week, I had a frank — and delightful — conversation with Dr. Charity Dean, former asst. director of the California Department of Public Health in 2020.

She is the protagonist of Michael Lewis’ latest book The Premonition: A Pandemic Story; He called her “one of the people who saw the real danger of the virus before the rest of the country did.

Dr. Dean is blunt in her medical assessments:  “People today face two choices: they can either get vaccinated or they can get Covid.”

The former Chief Health Officer for Santa Barbara co-founded The Public Health Company to help businesses prepare for the ongoing threat of future pandemics. She is applying what she learned as Co-Chair of the California Task Force on Covid Testing, which quickly ramped up from nothing to 100,000 Covid tests per day.

Dr. Dean says there are ways to convince the vaccine hesitant to get their jabs. The key according to Dr. Dean is to show them how vaccinations protect the vulnerable — their parents and grandparents and children and other vulnerable or at risk people.

A list of her favorite books is here; A transcript of our conversation is available here.

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