10 Friday AM Reads

My end of week morning train WFH reads:

The problem with America’s semi-rich America’s upper-middle class works more, optimizes their kids, and is miserable  (Vox)

Why so many people undercharge for their work Setting a rate can be a minefield for folks navigating an industry alone. (Vox)

Many House Hunters Are Choosing Diverse Neighborhoods That Reflect a Changing Population Buyers say they want to avoid ‘cookie-cutter’ areas, but the focus exposes challenges to preserving communities and blending residents  (Wall Street Journal)

State Of Venture Q3’21 Report: New records were set in a huge quarter for global & US funding, exits, valuations, and more. (CB Insights)

The Death and Birth of Technological Revolutions While the introduction to Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital makes the case that the Dotcom Bubble was the Turning Point, we are still waiting for the Golden Age — and that there may be another crash in the future (including the Great Recession as part of the current revolution’s Turning Point). (Stratechery)

New York’s Real Estate Tax Breaks Are Now a Rich-Kid Loophole If you have a modest income but access to lots and lots of cash, New York City has an apartment ownership program that’s right up your alley. Even if it wasn’t meant for you at all. (Businessweek)

The Nasty Logistics of Returning Your Too-Small Pants: What happens to the stuff you order online after you send it back? (The Atlantic)

How Fox News conquered America Every sneer, jibe and insult only makes it stronger (UnHerd)

Secrets to Cooking Pro Pizza at Home: The Best Gear, Recipes and Tricks Pizza-making at home is the new pandemic craze, but it can seem intimidating. Here’s the ultimate guide to get you going: from party-friendly backyard pizza ovens to insider recipes, topping tips and much more. (Wall Street Journal)

‘Ueck’ carrying legacy into Crew’s playoff run Uecker, 87 going on 27, emerged from the clubhouse with his checkered dress shirt soaked in champagne and Miller Lite. He has been calling Brewers games on the radio since some of the current players’ parents were toddlers, and yet there he was, being dragged to the pitcher’s mound at American Family Field with confetti still falling as the Brewers celebrated clinching the 2021 National League Central title. Players wanted Uecker in the middle of their group photo. There’s no other broadcaster on the planet who is more a part of their team. (MLB)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Soraya Darabi, co-founder and general partner of TMV. The firm has funded a broad cross-section of startups, 65% of which are led by women or people of color. Less than 5 years old, TMV has already had 10 exits.


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