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My back to work morning train WFH reads:

What Makes the Yale Model of Investing So Successful? The heavy focus on alternatives is just one piece of the picture. (Chief Investment Officer)

Investing to Stop Climate Change Is Trickier Than It Seems Assuming the shift away from fossil fuels happens, investors have the choice of making a difference, or making more profit. This is the fourth in a series of Streetwise columns on sustainable investing. (Wall Street Journal) see also Wall Street’s Green Push Exposes New Conflicts of Interest: Auditors, bond raters and others aim to profit by both judging and advising companies on their ESG scores (Wall Street Journal)

Credit Traders Lack Edge in Fed’s New Regime: The corporate bond market used to be the economy’s early warning signal. That’s no longer the case. (Bloomberg)

• Citadel Securities: how the Wall Street outsider became ‘the Amazon of financial markets’ Involved in more than 25 per cent of all US stock trades, and tipped to float, the company is the focus of SEC scrutiny (Financial Times)

Why more Americans than ever are starting their own businesses: Workers are quitting their jobs to become their own bosses. (Vox)

What the hell are NFTs and what do they mean for art? Something strange is happening in the world of online art. A lot of people are getting unusually excited by cartoon images of apes, cats, penguins, robots, skeletons, anime warriors, aliens and ghosts. There’s also a lot of chatter about these things making people a fortune and disrupting traditional art markets. (Irish Times)

3 Little Words to Send a Lamborghini on Its Way A novel navigation system, What3words, will be standard on new Huracán models. It divides the globe into 57 trillion 10-foot squares, and leads you to one. (New York Times)

Energy Efficiency Ratings Aren’t Actually Predicting Energy Efficiency Buildings with the highest U.K. performance ratings are using far more energy than those with the lowest ratings, according to recent data. It’s a disparity that shows the limitations of current green building standards. (CityLab + Green)

• Back from the Brink A Zambian park has reversed the national extinction of a precious and vulnerable species. Soon, it won’t be alone. (Reasons To Be Cheerful)

Astronomers Spot Never-Before Seen Object at 4,000 Light-Years Away: “It’s in our galactic backyard,” one astronomer said of what could be neutron star or a white dwarf—something that until now only existed in theory. (Bloomberg)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with David Conrod, Co-Founder CEO at FocusPoint Private Capital Group. Previously, he was at Guggenheim Partners, where he established the Private Fund Group, with more than $7 billion of fund allocations for general partnerships external to the firm.


‘Reviled’ Meme Stocks Await Market Calm to Attempt a Comeback

Source: Bloomberg


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