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My mid-week morning train WFH reads:

Investing as a Lifestyle Choice: Will today’s investment trends survive the bear market? (Morningstar)

The Decline of Fossil Fuels Is Going to Be Expensive Just because demand for gasoline is headed downward doesn’t mean prices will fall automatically. (Bloomberg) see also The biggest myths about gas prices Making sense of the political theater over gas prices.  (Vox)

‘Irrational Exuberance’ on a Plate: A bursting of the fake-burger bubble. When one thinks of asset bubbles one might tend to think of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. But there has also been a reckoning lately in another once-sizzling market. It turns out that in a time of high inflation not all consumers are hankering for a synthetic food engineered to be more expensive than the original. (Wall Street Journal)

Should we raise unemployment to fight inflation? No, we need to protect jobs: Summers is talking about 5.8 million to 15 million Americans reduced to joblessness in order to bring down inflation. (Los Angeles Times)

Indonesia: The most amazing development story on Earth? A huge and yet versatile country (Noahpinion)

A $2 Trillion Free-Fall Rattles Crypto to the Core A market that has gone through several major downdrafts in its short life may be facing its biggest test yet. (Bloomberg)

• Why You Might Buy Your Next Car Online Tesla shifted to selling cars entirely online in 2019. Now, some established automakers, like Ford, are talking about taking a similar approach. (New York Times)

The Rise and Precarious Reign of China’s Battery King Zeng Yuqun is China’s most prolific battery billionaire. His ascent has major implications for a world increasingly reliant on electric vehicles. (Wired)

The postal service is already one of the US’s main abortion providers As some US states move to enforce bans on abortion, pills-by-mail will become a legal challenge as well as one of enforcement. While states can regulate access to health within their borders, they can’t regulate federal mail. And monitoring the contents of each of the millions of packages coursing through the national postal system is unrealistic in a post-pandemic world where healthcare has moved beyond brick-and-mortar clinics. (Quartz)

Formula One’s Sharpest Car Designer Is Also Its Master of Loopholes Faced with the most sweeping rule changes in a generation, Red Bull’s Adrian Newey is proving he can still dominate—and designing $6 million supercars on the side. (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Jonathan Miller, discussing real estate, home sales, rentals, and whether cities are dead or not. Miller is the CEO and co-founder of Miller Samuel, whose data and analytics on real estate have become the standard for the residential real estate appraisal and brokerage industry.


Just How Many EVs Can Be Made? Far Fewer Than Expected

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