10 Weekend Reads

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Danish blend coffee, grab a seat on the beach, and get ready for our longer-form weekend reads:

The young, rich, anti-capitalist capitalists: “I sometimes joke that there are way more socialists who need a financial adviser than there are socialist financial advisers.” (Vox)

Inefficient Market Hypothesis: 25 Instances That Prove Samuelson and Fama Wrong. I personally think there’s more to this market thing than the net present value of future cash flows, and markets certainly don’t seem to efficiently digest new information. CAPM, meet CAP MEME. (Young Money)

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Bird: Birding saved one man’s life. Maybe it can save the rest of us from climate change? (The Verge)

A Brutal Examination: Russian Military Capability in Light of the Ukraine War Russian armed forces’ lacklustre performance in Ukraine has surprised military analysts. Shortcomings have included breakdowns in logistics, poor equipment and morale, abysmal communications, and muddled command and control, as well as a weak showing by the Russian Aerospace Forces, air defence, and cruise and ballistic missiles. Chief among the contributing factors are wishful political thinking, overreliance on esoteric doctrine and endemic corruption. (Routledge)

14 Warning Signs That You Are Living in a Society Without a Counterculture A sad story told entirely in tweets (Ted Gioia)

This man gets bitten by deadly snakes in the name of science A partnership between an immunologist and a snake-keeping ex-truck mechanic is attempting to find a medicinal holy grail: a universal anti-venom. It’s a seriously risky business. (National Geographic)

Temporal Belonging The timeless, futile effort to fix circadian rhythms with tech. (Real Life)

New Zealand’s Christchurch massacre was one of the world’s deadliest mass shootings. Here’s what happened next. New Zealand has a gun lobby. It also got a gun buy-back program and semi-automatic weapons ban. (Grid) see also America’s first modern mass shooting never really ended The 1966 University of Texas Tower shooting remains clouded by myths, including the myth of the “good guy with a gun.” It left too many Americans with only evil to blame — and not our leaders, our policies and ourselves. (Texas Tribune)

A study gave cash and therapy to men at risk of criminal behavior. 10 years later, the results are in. Liberia found a stunningly effective way to reduce violent crimes. Now the US is trying a similar experiment. (Vox)

Why Fangirls Scream: From bobby-soxers to Beatlemania to Bieber Fever—we all know what a screaming fangirl looks like. But do we really know why she’s screaming? (The Atlantic)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Dan Chung, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Alger Management, which manages $35.3 billion in client assets. After graduating Harvard Law Review, he served as law clerk for the Honorable Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, United States Supreme Court. The firm lost 35 people, including its CEO, on September 11th and donates profits from its Alger 35 ETF in their memories.


America’s gun violence epidemic, in one chart

Source: Vox


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