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Whenever I find something especially worthwhile online, I save a copy, just in case it disappears (e.g., see this). This happened with “Moon journeying through clouds.” This weekend is as good a time as any to share this…

Six right livelihood guidelines

Consume mindfully:

  • Eat with awareness and gratitude.
  • Pause before buying and see if breathing is enough.
  • Pay attention to the effects of the media you consume.

Pause.. Breathe.. Listen.

  • When you feel compelled to speak in a meeting or conversation, pause.
  • Breathe before entering your home, place of work, or school.
  • Listen to the people you encounter.. They are buddhas.

Practice gratitude:

  • Notice what you have
  • Be equally grateful for opportunities and challenges.
  • Share joy, not negativity.

Cultivate compassion and loving-kindness:

  • Notice where help is needed and be quick to help
  • Consider others’ perspectives deeply.
  • Work for peace at many levels.

Discover wisdom:

  • Cultivate “don’t know” mind (= curiosity).
  • Find connections between Buddhist teachings and your life.
  • Be open to what arises in every moment.

Accept constant change.


via the Buddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom

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