10 Thanksgiving Day Reads

My morning train WFH reads:

10 Things for Crypto People to Say at Thanksgiving This Year: It’s going to be an awkward conversation. Use these phrases to preserve your reputation. (Bloomberg)

9 tips to debunk false claims made by friends and family: It’s important to debunk misinformation when we can — a task that often, unfortunately, starts at home (Washington Post) see also How to Love Your Parents Even If You Hate Their Politics: Does mom or dad suffer from early Fox News dementia? There’s hope (for you). (Esquire)

How one man quietly stitched the American safety net over four decades: Robert Greenstein isn’t a household name. But his career lobbying for the poor has changed the lives of millions of Americans. (Vox)

Don’t Believe What You Read About Turkey Inflation: Its Bullshit. But a likely explanation is timing: The Farm Bureau does its surveys in October. That’s not a very useful data point for whole turkey sales, since most Americans tend to buy a whole turkey just once a year—the week of Thanksgiving or just before. In fact, according to the USDA, just a few hundred U.S. supermarkets even stock whole frozen turkeys in mid-October. (Slate)

Is Wine Fake? Wine commands wealth, prestige, and attention from aficionados. How much of what they admire is in their heads? (Asterisk)

A $300 Billion Bond Market Holds the Key to Solving the Climate Crisis: In less than a decade, China has built one of the world’s biggest green bond markets, with more potential than any other to alter the course of climate change. But as the country’s pile of green debt swells beyond $300 billion, investors and regulators are confronting a troubling reality: It’s almost impossible to know how the money is being spent – or whether it’s having the intended impact. (Bloomberg)

How To Be Good: Three models of global social impact. (The Ruffian)

• Biden pardoned 2 turkeys. Here’s the strange truth behind the tradition: The turkey federation has been giving turkeys to presidents since 1947. But these turkeys were originally meant to be eaten, not pardoned. The first Thanksgiving turkey on record to receive a reprieve was in 1963 when President John F. Kennedy received a 40-pound turkey with a sign around its neck that read, “GOOD EATING, MR. PRESIDENT!” (NPR)

10 Funniest Running Gags In Calvin And Hobbes Comics: Over ten year’s of Calvin and Hobbes has led to some hilarious and memorable running gags that readers could always look forward to. (Screenrant)

The Return of James Cameron, Box Office King: It’s been 13 years since James Cameron released Avatar, the highest-grossing movie of all time. Now, the director is back with a deeply personal sequel—and the reasonable expectation that it could be the biggest thing he’s done yet. (GQ)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Marcus Shaw CEO of AltFinance, which seeks to increase diversity across alternative asset management. The firm was co-founded by Apollo, Ares, and Oaktree with a $90 Million seed funding for initiatives to recruit students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


Domestic farmland prices have soared this year … as of September, they were up ~20% year/year.

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