Light Posting Due to C19…

So, the whole house is down with Covid.

I had some minor symptoms I assumed were vaccine side effects, but I kept testing negative. By the time I tested positive it was way too late for Paxlovid. I isolated to keep everyone else safe.

Too late!

Mrs. Big Picture went from no symptoms to full-on flu 2 days after me. Paxlovid helped her dramatically — she went from worse than me to much better in 24 hours.

I initially blamed the Bivalent booster vaxx last Tuesday as causing symptoms that night; but it was full-on flu by Wednesday, and that was my first positive test. Thursday was the worst of it, and by Friday I felt much better — maybe 80%. More improvements over the weekend (no fever), but it is that last 10% which has been slow in coming. I lost my voice, a few coughs and sneezes here and there — a little brain fog and fatigue late afternoon — but that seems to be it.

I missed 2 podcast recordings and a client I was super excited to meet! Meetings with the Futureproof team and a big RWM announcement tomorrow I may miss as well (I keep testing positive and it’s only day 8). Just waiting to stop testing positive.

I am glad we are both fully vaxxed and boosted — this would really be no fun without that. Imagine, some people voluntarily eschew the miracle that is vaccines. . . .



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