Identifying Emerging Managers


I am moderating a fascinating panel today at Bloomberg’s Hedge Fund Start-Up Conference 2023. It is a great collection of newer hedge fund managers who have put up impressive numbers consistently over the past few years.

The challenge for investors in alternatives is twofold: The first is identifying those managers who can consistently generate alpha in excess of fees; and the second, is to find them early enough so they are still willing to accept your capital. This is not an easy task to accomplish.

That challenge is what led to a great panel. I’ll make sure the audio goes up as a MIB Live in the near future.

Masters in Business: The Emerging Manager Playbook

Panelists: Brennan DiazMike RockefellerThomas WagnerIlana D. Weinstein
Moderator: Barry Ritholtz

This should be fun!


UPDATE: May 31 2023

Video is here

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