On the Road (to Camp Kotok)

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Earlier this month, I spent two and a half hours each way in a car — plus a quick (and horrifying) lunch at the wonderful Eagle’s Nest for Loster Roll and fries. My delightful traveling companions for each way were Dave Nadig of VettaFi + Cameron Dawson at Newedge Wealth.

Dave has the best title in all of Wall Street: Financial Futurist. His job is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a kind of insane freestyle where he gets to rub his chin and think deep thoughts about anything finance-related. Whenever I have a question on a new financial technology, from ETFs to Crypto to AI, Dave is my first call. I like to think I am an early adopter but by the time I reach Dave he is already months down the rabbit hole.

Cameron is just next level. She has absolutely no business being this smart and experienced at her tender age. Anytime she is on TV, just stop what you are doing and listen to her — then consider she is half of Dave or my age.

Anyway, we had a blast talking about, well everything. Dave included the entire 167 minutes edited it down to under a half-hour, which makes this very listenable.

It was a lot of fun spending time with this crew over the weekend, and I am already looking forward to the trip next year.


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