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I’m very excited to tell you about my new podcast: At the Money.

Each week, we are going to spend 10 minutes diving into a specific topic that affects you and your money: Acquiring it, spending it, and most of all, investing it.

My experience as an investor is just the starting point for ATM: I am tapping into a network of experts I have developed over decades across a wide range of fields to discuss everything from taxes to portfolio construction, differences between skill and luck, how to build a bond ladder, and why it matters so much to manage your own behavior as an investor.

When we launched Masters in Business in 2014, there were no long-form interviews with people in finance discussing their careers and investing philosophies. That innovation helped to raise the bar for financial podcasts. So when Bloomberg asked me about creating another podcast, my response was different – short-form investment literacy discussions with financial experts.

Originally, At the Money was exclusive to Apple Premium podcasts; now, its out from behind the paywall, and available where ever you find your favorite podcasts: YouTube, Spotify, Bloomberg, and Apple Podcasts. New episodes drop each week on Wednesdays in the Masters in Business feed, and on the web  AtThe.Money (@ “At The Dot Money”). All prior At the Money shows are archived here.

I am incredibly excited about At the Money – I think you are going to love it. Check out the first few episodes below:

Investing Skill vs. Luck  with Michael J. Mauboussin, Counterpoint Global  (Dec 6, 2023)
Is it better to be lucky or good? How much of a role does luck pay in investing? And how can you tell the difference between chance and skill? In this episode of At the Money, I speak with Michael Mauboussin, Head of Consilient Research at Counterpoint Global, Morgan Stanley Investment Management. Previously, he was Director of Research at BlueMountain Capital, Head of Global Financial Strategies at Credit Suisse, and Chief Investment Strategist at Legg Mason Capital Management.

Here’s Why Stocks Are Your Best Bet with Jeremy Schwartz, WisdomTree (Nov 29, 2023)
Are equities the best long-term investment? If so, is that always true? In this episode of At the Money, Barry Ritholtz speaks with Jeremy Schwartz about why you should, or should not, go heavy on stocks. Schwartz is Global Chief Investment Officer of WisdomTree, leading the firm’s investment strategy team in the construction of equity Indexes, quantitative active strategies and multi-asset Model Portfolios.

How Much Money Is Too Much? Brian Portnoy, Shaping Wealth (Nov 22, 2023)
Can money buy you happiness? How much money is too much? Does wealth offer diminishing returns? In this edition of At the Money, Barry Ritholtz is joined by Brian Portnoy to explore these questions. Portnoy has held senior investment roles throughout the hedge fund and mutual fund industries. He is also the author of the bestselling books, ‘The Geometry of Wealth’ and ‘The Investors Paradox.’

The Best Way to Buy a House Right Now with Jonathan Miller, Miller Samuel (Nov 15, 2023)
Buying a house in today’s climate can be challenging. Interest rates are near the highest level in 20 years. Housing inventory is near record lows. So what’s a potential home buyer to do? Jonathan Miller, President of Miller Samuel, joins Barry Ritholtz to discuss the best approach for purchasing a home today.

Why Fees Really Matter with Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg Intelligence (Nov 8, 2023)
Fees matter more than you think. Over the long term, the difference between a few basis points can turn into real, big money. On this episode, Bloomberg Intelligence ETF analyst Eric Balchunas joins Barry Ritholtz to discuss how fees can significantly impact your portfolio.

Aligning Investments With Personal Values with Ari Rosenbaum, O’Shaughnessy Asset Management (Nov 1, 2023)
The term ‘ESG’ gets thrown around in investing all the time. But, there’s a better way to align your investments with your personal values. In this week’s episode, Barry Ritholtz speaks with Ari Rosenbaum, principal at O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, about how to tailor investments to your ideological preferences.

The Right and Wrong Way to Approach Investing with Dave Nadig, Vetta Fi (Oct 25, 2023)
Investing can be complicated. But what if there was a simple solution? On this episode of ‘At the Money,’ Barry Ritholtz talks to Dave Nadig about one simple approach to the matter. Nadig is the Financial Futurist for Vetta Fi. He has been involved in researching, reporting and analyzing the investment management industry for more than 20 years.

Here’s Why Investing Is So Hard with Brian Portnoy, Shaping Wealth (Oct 16, 2023)
Why is investing so hard? It’s because our brains have been trained, over thousands of years, to trust our fear instincts. In this episode, Brian Portnoy sits down with Barry Ritholtz to explain why humans aren’t built to be good investors. Portnoy has held senior investment roles throughout the hedge fund and mutual fund industries. He is also the author of the bestselling books, ‘The Geometry of Wealth’ and ‘The Investors Paradox.’


Let me know what you think! Love to hear ideas and suggestions for new episodes…


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