Adweek: MiB Best Business-to-Business Podcast!



Hey, this is a really nice surprise:

Masters in Business was the winner in the Best Business-to-Business Podcast.

It is always humbling (and a little bit thrilling) for any kind of positive feedback for the podcast.

Here’s the Adweek comments:

“In a world of shrinking attention spans where long-form journalism is an endangered species, Masters in Business sounds a refreshingly contrarian note. Creator and host Barry Ritholtz not only invites some of the most dynamic and creative business thinkers to the microphone–he’ll also often spend two hours in conversation with them. And while the show keeps its nose under the umbrella of finance, Ritholtz manages to cover a surprisingly varied range of topics.”

Such a lovely sentiment, I am grateful for the recognition.

Full list of nominees and winners here:…


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